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Baby Gift Shopping: Things to Keep in Mind

Baby Gift Shopping: Things to Keep in Mind

Buying baby clothes isn’t as simple as it sounds. Although it may be tricky, it can be made easy. There are many factors to keep in consideration if you want the little ones to enjoy the gift as much as you think they will. If 

How To Travel Comfortably During Your Pregnancy

How To Travel Comfortably During Your Pregnancy

If you are the mother of a small baby, you might face a lot of challenges every day. But if you have more than one child then the challenges multiply along with the necessity to take care of your family responsibilities and maintain your home 

How to Choose the Right Footwear for Work

How to Choose the Right Footwear for Work

Finding the best work shoes can be a little difficult than expected. Your everyday shopping trip would include finding something that you like, trying them on and buying it if it fits right. But workplace dress code does not allow you to wear whatever you want. So how do you buy something that is aligning with the dress code, but also is stylish and comfortable? Here are some tips that can help you.

Consider your Work Environment

Firstly, where do you work? If your dress code is the typical nine to five office job with business casual or business formal, then your shoes are generally pumps. High heels are often the option that most women go for. But make sure your shoes are comfortable work shoes instead of trying to wear pairs that are either too high or too pointy. Avoid peep-toe shoes for formal offices. Instead, opt for a pair that isclosed toed. Instead, choose a comfortably high heel.

For less formal places of course you can experiment a little with the dress code. But make sure you are not choosing casual sandals or flip flops. Instead keep it semi casual with covered shoes such as ballet flats, a dressier pair of sneakers or boots.

comfortable work shoes
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Medical Conditions

If you have any common foot problems, then you need to take that condition into consideration. For example, those who have flat feet need footwear that offers a supportive arch. If you have high arches, then look for footwear that has extra shock absorption.

Wide toed foot wear made of soft and flexible material are the best option for those who have bunions. This kind of foot wear also need a little bit of research when shopping. If your everyday retail store does not have these options, you can look for stores that sell inclusive footwear including for those with medical conditions and disabilities.

Comfort over Trend

Always give prominence to comfort over trendy shoes. You might find some trendy pointy heels on display, but they do not give the best feeling when you wear them for longer periods of time. Wedges and platform shoes are also better avoided. While these are stylish and fashionable and some workplaces with less strict dress code, do allow them, they are not the best if for busy settings.

Similarly, if your work requires you to walk often, you need to choose durable so that they won’t wear off soon. But you will also need to have shoes that provide a good cushioning and support to avoid blisters.

Try On and Walk

Try the footwear you want to buy, walk a few steps in them and see how your feet feel. The right design is important when you look for good shoes. Shoes that are breathable and supportive are the best. Remember you are looking foot wear for workplace.

This means you are looking for footwear that can get you to work on time and ones that you can keep on wearing for longer periods of time. So, if there is even a slight discomfort, look for a different option. It might be a small issue but it can get unbearable when you have to wear them for right hours.

Be smart about your shopping. Especially when you are looking for shoes for work, you are not just making a fashion statement, but also shoes that will not affect your performance.

A Pocketful of Healthy Office Snack Ideas

A Pocketful of Healthy Office Snack Ideas

Having a healthy snack during your workdays is a better choice than simply any other snack. The nutrition present in such snacks can help restore and revitalize your energy through the day. Here are some of the simple and best go-to healthy snack choices you 

Reasons Why You Should Use Memory Foam in Your Bed

Reasons Why You Should Use Memory Foam in Your Bed

Sleep quality is important to stay healthy and get adequate rest that we need for the next day. Although some people find it easy to sleep well at night, there are others who need to exert more effort just to get that quality sleep they 

Ways to Keep Yourself Warm in Winter

Ways to Keep Yourself Warm in Winter

Warmth is an essential need for humans and with winter approaching you have to be prepared for the weather and keep yourself cosy. The downside of turning the radiator heat high is the expensive bill that comes with it. Listed below are few ways you can keep yourself warm in the winter while also saving money.

Check for drafts

Proper insulation of the home is necessary to retain heat inside the house. So first check all your windows to see if there is any cold air coming inside. This could be easily done by running your hand along the window or you could do the flame test.

Bring a lighted candle and move them along the window and if you see flickering of the flame this indicates draught. Before you carry out this test make sure to remove all the curtains or any flammable material. Once you have identified the draught, invest in proper insulation. Although this may cost a bit more it would be very useful in the future.

Dress properly for the weather

You can keep yourself warm by dressing up appropriately for the weather. This is one of the easiest ways of keeping yourself warm. Layer up, wear long sleeve clothing and get some thick clothes and wear them at home. If your head is getting cold you can also wear a hat at home. If you’re looking for warm items like wool throws Australia has many stores you can visit.

wool throws australia
Image Source: Unsplash

You can wrap yourself up in bed or while you lie in your couch. Wear sweaters and to keep your foot warm wear wool socks and also slippers at home. Although you might find it a bit weird it would make all the difference. Another thing to keep in mind is to change your socks because when the feet sweat the sweat can in turn make your feet cold.

Heat up the bed

There are electric blankets available, so you can turn off the heater in the house and use this when you sleep. But the downside of this is the danger of electrical injury a much safer way is to use a hot water bottle to heat up the bed.

Fill a bottle with hot water before you go to bed and place it between the bed and the sheet. By the time you go to sleep the bed will be all warm. Another way is to heat rice, put rice in a fleece cover and microwave for a few minutes and then place it on the bed and this will stay warm for a long time.

Use the sun

Sun can naturally warm the house, during the day time open the curtains and let the sunlight in. but at night don’t forget to close the curtain. The curtain would work as an insulator preventing cold air from coming in at night.

Keep yourself active

It is natural to become lazy and wrap oneself in a blanket during winter. Engaging in physical activity of any sort will elevate the heart rate and keep you warm.

Making A Fashion Statement No Matter the Occasion

Making A Fashion Statement No Matter the Occasion

When it comes to fashion, it is something that is not easily grasped by many. For some, it comes naturally, for others it is a learnt skill while for others, it is a skill that completely alludes them. This is not exclusive to rich or 

Essential Things All Great Bedrooms Have in Common

Essential Things All Great Bedrooms Have in Common

When it comes to decorating your home, the bedroom is possibly the first thing that comes to your mind. The reason is, the bedroom is where you enjoy your personal space – away from the strains of the world. Moreover, it is where you can 

Bring the 5-Star Hotel Vibes into Your Bedroom with These Decorating Tips

Bring the 5-Star Hotel Vibes into Your Bedroom with These Decorating Tips

The bedroom is considered as a private sanctuary. It is where we rest at night, feeling safe and secure in our home. Some people might think that decorating the bedroom is not that important since other people won’t see it anyway. However, bedroom décor actually plays a huge role in how comfortable and relaxed we feel when we enter it.

There are so many ways to decorate a bedroom and it is up to your preferences on what you want to achieve with it. If you want a luxurious 5-star hotel look in your bedroom, here are some quick tips you could try out.

Personalize the Bed

In almost every bedroom, the bed is the focal point of all the décor. This means that styling the bed should be done first and all the other features will have to follow the style and colour palette on it. Get the comfiest bed choose beddings and linen that complement each other. Be sure to get only quality linen bedding for maximum comfort and luxurious feel.

linen bedding
Image Source: Pexels

Plan the Space

There are plenty of things you can do in the bedroom, not just sleeping. You can read your favourite book while sipping some coffee or tea, have a work desk, a vanity space, and many more. Plan out what activities you want to have in the bedroom so you can create a layout on where you could place the essential items.

For instance, if you want some food and beverage in your bedroom, you could set a spot for a mini refrigerator and a small coffee table facing the window so you can enjoy the view while relaxing. Creating a layout makes it easier for you to buy what you need and arrange them around the space.


Regular lighting is a lot different than luxurious style lighting. You could start by installing automated lights – something that turns on when you enter the room or when you open the closet. You should also have classy lighting fixtures such as wall sconces, vanity lighting, bedside lamp, hanging lights, and of course a dimmer to set the mood if you want a more relaxed lighting. Don’t forget to let natural light in during the day by installing window shades or blinds.

Extra Touch of Comfort

Aside from luxury, comfort is another key feature of a 5-star hotel bedroom. Aside from the bed and the seats, you need to add an extra touch of comfort to your bedroom. To do this, you could put in a soft carpet or mat, fabric walls and upholstered headboard or wall panels.

Also, see to it that the room has good ventilation – from the AC system to the air vents for fresh natural air source. Don’t forget to install a switch near the bedside for your bedroom system control so it’s easier to access even when you’re already relaxing in bed.

Aside from those, don’t forget to personalize your bedroom by putting some photos, artworks, or anything that speaks about your personality. You’ll surely have the best and luxurious bedroom you’ve always wanted.

Amazing Gift Ideas for A New Mom and Her Baby

Amazing Gift Ideas for A New Mom and Her Baby

There’s an endless list of beautiful things you could gift to a new mom and her little bundle of joy. While some benefit the mom or baby individually, some gifts benefit both and could be immensely useful in their new routine and day to day