How to Prep the Exterior of Your House for Painting

How to Prep the Exterior of Your House for Painting

When you tell someone you’re painting your home, the first thing that comes to mind is paint rollers, painter’s tape, overalls and ladders. The job is a fairly easy one and can give your house interior a new lease of life. But what does painting your exterior entail? It can be a very different process to interior painting that requires preparation and a collection of tools.

This guide can be used to help you prepare for applying paint to the outside of your home, as well as painting outside walls in general. Painting the outside of your home is achievable for a DIYer but if you’re not brave enough, you can reach out to house painters in Hawthorn who will be able to do the job for you without any hassle.

For those with the urge to get those protective clothes on and start painting, read on.

Why Should You Paint the Exterior of Your Home?

  • It can add value to your property
  • It can give your home new life
  • You can add your own personality to your home
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You’ll need to make sure you buy the right type of paint in order to get the right look and feel for the exterior. If you’re unsure, residential painters in Hawthorn will be able to point you in the right direction. You’ll need exterior masonry paint which comes in a variety of colours to suit your needs. 

It’s really important when doing anything to your house to discuss it with any adjoining neighbours. If you’re using a certain colour to paint your home, the house next door might clash and cause the two homes to look very odd. This rule applies for most things, so make sure you always discuss changes with any neighbours you share a wall with.

You might be tempted to go for exciting colours like red and green, but most people will opt for white or cream. These colours are neutral and will blend in easily. Just remember that white reflects sunlight and consequently can be quite blinding, and it will also show dirt and faults very easily. If you’re unsure about a colour choice, you can always ask house painters in hawthorn for suggestions.

Make sure you have enough paint. Check the tin for the amount before you start and take into account the number of coats you need.


You’ll need to clean and dry your exterior surface before you start painting or else the paint won’t apply. Remove any cobwebs and other debris, scrape off old flaking paint, and fill in any gaps or cracks. Make sure to move foliage and plants out of the way. You’ll need to use a stabilising primer for exterior masonry if your walls are powdery. If you’re lost on what exact materials to use, residential painters in Hawthorn will be able to advise you. If your walls are strong, just use a thin layer of the paint. If your home is old, use a lime based render instead of a primer. Choose a dry day and don’t rush the application. For safety, make sure that you put cones around where you’ll be painting so people avoid ladders and wet paint.