How To Make Your Long-Distance Friend Happy?

How To Make Your Long-Distance Friend Happy?

There are not only long-distance relationships but long-distance friends also. We all have a friend who moves out of the city to pursue dreams and aspirations. You may be happy for him/her as they set onto unfold a new journey, but deep down inside; you miss her/him terribly. Every weekend you yearn to be with them and spend time like the good old days. Well, this may not be feasible because of time constraints, different schedules, and the fear of pandemic still hovering over. There are a lot of different ways to stay connected with the long-distance friend and make them happy. Some of the shortlisted ones have been penned down for you.

1.Video Calls: Every day, you can make time to do a video call with your long-distance friend/friends. Wind up the day by telling each other how it went, what new learnings you learned, and sharing some laughter as you used to do earlier. If not daily, alternatively or atleast once in a week you can make it a habit. Ask about your friend as she or he is alone in the new city. How’s the work going, friends and life there.

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2.Make gift Delivery: Sending gifts on birthdays is a ritual. But, making an online gift delivery to your friend’s house to cheer him or her up. You can send gifts to convey “ I Miss You” or whenever you get to know he or she has achieved something. A new job, promotion, coming into a relationship all are the means to send gifts to convey your heartiest wishes. Otherwise, also, you can send tokens to make him or her believe that you are still there for them.

3. Meet Up: Whenever your friend visits the hometown, make it a point to meet him or her. Visit the house or meet somewhere else out, but do spend time. You can pick and drop your friend at the airport. Share the good old times. Go to the same old place for a quick bite of a snack. Revisit the memories and make more for a lifetime.

4. Surprise Visits: An extension of the previous one. If your friend cannot visit the hometown, you can go to visit him or her. Plan and give a surprise visit at his/her flat, PG or wherever he or she lives. It is an excellent way to break from the monotony of life, share some quality moments with friends, and gain experiences in a new country, city or town.

5. Vacations and Outings: If you and your friend share the passion for travelling, holidays and outings are your thing. You can travel to a new country or a place nearby depending on the time, budget, and preference. This idea will allow you to form new perspectives and to strengthen your friendship.

6. Social Media Connection: This is a world of social media connections. When you have no time for physical contact, stay connected virtually. Send each other text messages, put up social media stories with your friend/s, bond over memes. And by all these gestures, tell him/her no matter how far they reside, you will always be by each other’s side.

7. Celebrations: Invite your long-distance friends on celebratory events like birthdays, Friendship day, Diwali party, New Year celebrations, etc. Sometimes be the host, sometimes be the guest. Have a gala time together. Do not forget to give gifts for girlfriend to remind the memories you are fabricating and sharing.

Keep your friends happy and stay in touch because they make life more beautiful and worthwhile to live.